Monday, August 9, 2010

bye, bye tows.

on sunday river and i dropped flower off at church. kris mentioned in the parking lot that there were cows on simplot hill! not an everyday sight to be sure. river and i drove by and she was oohing and ahhing. she couldn't believe how close we were. we parked for a minute and she talked to them.
apparently there was concern enough for the police to be involved. they were parked just outside of the photo.
i finally said it was time to go and to say bye bye to the cows and she said, "bye bye tows". it was so clear and she chanted it the rest of the way home. and i smiled the whole time. i love her little voice!
just before home i stopped to get gas and took the van through the car wash. she was stunned to say the least.
this was her face for the full five minutes we were in the car wash. cracks me up. she was totally frozen.
when we got home river was so clingy to me the rest of the afternoon. i think just being in the church parking lot put the fear of nursery into her. poor thing. after kg and flower got home we watched the smurf's together and river insisted on sitting right on me the whole time. literally, on my face, covering it with her blanket, for almost an hour. flower couldn't stop laughing about it and grabbed my phone to take some photos.
and i loved it.

i love that little stink pot. i love it when she's clingy to me because it's not the norm. she's usually go go go but lately if i'm sitting down, she comes to snuggle. she also won't leave my side at work which makes it very difficult. unfortunately changes are going to be made soon in that area. :(

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Becky Marks said...

She's SUCH a doll!!!

Let's kick it.

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