Tuesday, August 24, 2010


monday the 23rd was a glorious day.
i've been in a funk/depression for a bit now. suffice it to say that the way i've coped with stress, depression, happiness...everything...for my entire life has now been taken away from me. now everything feels very raw. just normal everyday stuff feels too big to handle. i'm having to learn new ways to cope and it's not an easy task. i've lost some of my creative mojo. i guess when i was going to be creative i had a system and now part of that equation isn't there. i also feel somewhat of a writers block. it's all very strange as i'm sort of getting to know myself again. it's a little hard to explain...hence the writers block. i have 5 or 6 started blogs that i can't seem to finish but i finished a couple this week so i'm making headway. because of this funk i was very grateful that kg and i both had monday off and he allowed me to fill it with things that would make me happy while he watched the girls. he really is the best. that day was the best day i've had in a long time! i'm still feeling good because of it and it's the end of the week. perfect.
8:30-one hour deep tissue massage at my chiropractors office. i have chronic back pain and threw out my pelvis the previous wednesday so i was forced to find a chiropractor in our network. so glad i finally took the plunge. love him and love being able to walk, sleep, sit with less pain. not sure it will ever fully go away but less is so much better!
9:45-chiropractic adjustment...snap, crackle, pop...feels so good.
10:30-doctor appointment. found out i've lost 4.4 more pounds in the last month. i don't have a scale so doctors appointments are the only way i know my progress. that made my day.
11:30-manicure/pedicure. the girls gave me the gift certificate for my birthday. i actually liked that my gal didn't really speak english. i didn't want to force a conversation with someone i didn't know. i was able to sit and read blogs on my phone through the whole mani/pedi. perfect.
i got a wonderful leg, foot, arm and hand massage as well.
i picked hooker pink for flower. i knew she'd love it!

1:00-eat, pray, love movie with kris and claudia. i've been reading the book so i enjoyed the movie. and it was relaxing.
2:45-lunch at pollo rey with k and c after the movie. yummy fish taco for me and great conversation.
4:00-drove downtown and walked around for a bit.
4:30-went and bought three caramels from lee's. just walking into that sweet store is relaxing.
5:00-went to a thrift store to walk around until i found something that made me smile. this was the winning ticket! orange and holly hobby! does it get any better?
it's so charming and i adore it. it took me back to my childhood. i didn't take her home with me because really, i don't need more 'stuff'. just seeing her and taking the photo made me smile and i was on my way.
5:30-picked up kg and the girls. we took flower to target to pick out two outfits for school.
she chose a shirt and skirt for her first day.

that is her adorable new backpack that she picked out with kg.
and she chose this very pretty dress.

7:30-after shopping we finished the night off with shaved ice.
9:30-lovin from my husband... ;) and we watched some of our shows.
in between all these stops throughout the day, i'd sit in the truck and read blogs on my phone in silence. i left the house at 8:15 am and didn't return till 8:15 pm! it felt so great to have so much alone time. it was really the perfect combination of alone time, a few hours with wonderful friends, and ending the day with my little family. i feel totally rejuvenated. perfect. perfect. perfect. i owe kg big time. :)

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