Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dave made me deaf

but i loved it.
late on monday evening i got a text from kris asking if i'd want to go to the concert on tuesday if there were two tickets available. hell ya! i wanted to go to this show with kris so bad but couldn't justify spending money we don't have, to see a band i had seen last year. but free? yes please.
i quickly scrambled to find someone to go with me and someone to watch the girls since kg worked.
sandee was my date and kimmie was my sitter. done.
aside from getting a crappy dose of reality that night, we had a good time.
we had great seats.
i didn't care for the opening band. :( after their show we walked around for a bit and went to find kris and gang. said hello and then headed back to our seats.
but then dave came out and all was right with the world.

he played the song i really wanted to hear, you and me,
which is kg's and my 10 year anniversary song. love it. had chills the entire song.

violinist boyd tinsley is so talented and entertaining!
dave is amazing. he was so goofy the entire show! i'm not sure he ever used his 'normal' voice during the show. he was sure having a good time on that stage. i loved his funky dance moves.
i LOVE drummer carter beauford. he had the cutest smile plastered on his face the entire time!
jeff coffin totally represented by wearing a bsu hat and shirt. he is amazing!
the encoure
no matter how hard i tried, i could not stop my legs and hands from tapping to the beat. i just feel music so deeply. i sang, i laughed and i had a good time. thanks for coming sandee!
parting tips:
to the girl getting escorted out after only 2 songs!: was it really worth getting drunk and stupid to only see two songs? that's an expensive few beers.
to the other two people we saw getting escorted out: was your immature drunk behavior really worth it?
to the constant flow of people stumbling down the stairs: by the time you're stumbling down the stairs, it's time to stop getting more beer!
to the lady that was lost: by the time your lost, it's time to stop getting more beer!
to the batshit crazy dancing girls two rows in front of us: if you really think it's that necessary to be the only ones dancing in our section, at least put your open cup of beer down first. i'm just guessing by the way they stood up and screamed at you, but i'm pretty sure the guy and girl in front of you were not pleased to have your beer in their hair. oh and your pole dancing lessons paid off. i'm pretty sure you gave the guy right behind you some wood. but you can hardly blame him. i mean what can you expect with a giant ass shaking out of control and gyrating two inches away from his face for two and half hours.
to the constant stream of people coming and going on our row: did you forget you were coming to a concert? not the bar. is that much beer really necessary? at least i have short legs and didn't have to stand every 5 seconds for you to pass. unlike the very tall guy sitting next to me. like he said, "sit the eff down and enjoy the show!"
to the enormously tall guy behind us-i'm sorry you had to be so squished. i didn't blame you when you kept bumping my seat. they certainly didn't take you into consideration when they made those isles. my short legs on the other hand had no problems. except maybe not being able to touch the floor. that tends to get old.
to the bsu parking nazi's-was it really necessary to give my sister a parking ticket after we'd already paid $10 to park? another car could have easily parked next her and you still would have made your $10. charging her another $15 was ridiculous. thanks for nothing.
to kris-you came with the wrong friends. see everything you missed! you have to go to concerts with people that know concerts and where the real entertainment is! then you'd actually enjoy it! but thanks again for the tickets. made my day. you rock more than dave. muah!(that's a big kiss on your cheek)
and you can see, we had a great time. making fun of people people watching is my favorite part of concerts. i laughed so hard!
thank you and goodnight.

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