Tuesday, August 17, 2010

nice mommy moment

tonight after work the girls and i were driving in the car. i had a little conversation with flower that warmed my heart.
me: i'm sorry i yelled at you last night.
flower: that's ok mom. sometimes moms yell.
me: do you think all moms yell or just me?
flower: all moms. i think kids do things they aren't supposed to so that makes moms yell.
me: well, i'm still sorry.
flower: well i still love you.
me: oh good. and even though i yelled because you didn't do what i asked, you were very helpful right before that when we got home. you got all your clothes put away so i still should have let you have your ice cream. so right now i'm taking you to ice cream to make up for it.
flower: your the best mom.

my heart needed this tender conversation. she had such a sweet, sincere little voice for the whole conversation. i'm so lucky to have her.

kg met us at baskin robbins right before he had to be to work. it was for my free birthday ice cream(plus it was family night there so all the other scoops were only a $1). not bad. we all got our beloved daiquiri ice.
(look at river's pretty purple nails. she loves them painted and calls them pretties.)
it was a nice 15 minute family date. with kg's overtime, that's about all we are getting lately and we will take it!

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Jamie Link said...

OMGosh Angee! That just made me cry! I really needed to hear something inspirational like this today... Thanks for the smile. What a sweetheart... it is a good thing that our kids accept us for who we are and know that we make mistakes too. it isn't just the kids that make them!

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