Tuesday, August 3, 2010

c.j. strike camping

on sunday afternoon we picked up the girls from kg's parents and headed out of town. we kicked off august by going on a camping trip as a family. this is the first time we've gone camping somewhere other than the cabin property and stayed in a tent instead of the bus. it was our first time at c.j. strike and it was beautiful. we had a great spot between two trees, right by the water. there was only one other tent in the tent area and only one other group pretty far away in the rv area. being sunday night we were hoping it would be quiet and we weren't disappointed.
setting up camp.

peek-a-boo. can you spot river's head? she kept yelling 'mamma!'
nice, empty campground!

mmm, lollipops
this was our view as we lay inside the tent.
it was so beautiful outside that we didn't need the rain tarp,therefore we got to gaze at the trees, and eventually stars, all night. lovely.

we sat and enjoyed our awesome view.

then flower and i played 3 games of hi ho cherry-o
flower won 2 out of 3
the pretty sunset made us orange. :)
river and kg played catch with the velcro paddles.

we roasted marshmallows

and the girls made s'mores
i roasted some fresh pineapple that was delicious!
after we put the girls to bed kg and i sat around the campfire and did crossword puzzles.
i loved it.
on monday morning we took a nice long walk at the dam.
i think this photo is so cool. it's our shadows at the top, looking over onto the dam.
can you tell who's whom?
i found this photo online since i didn't get a photo of the whole thing.
we were standing on the top looking over onto the cement where the white
water is coming together.
water wasn't pouring through when we were there, obviously.
amazing views
then we surfed on our feet down that hill of rocks.
river was not impressed. :)
we sat at the bottom for quite awhile throwing rocks in the reservoir.
we really enjoyed it trying to aim at various things or making the biggest splash.
then we went back to the tent and all fell asleep for a nice long nap. there's nothing like napping together as family with the sound of water and the leaves of trees in the background. after the naps the girls played in the water. we also played catch some more and by 2:00 we were ready for naps again so we packed it up and headed for home so the girls would sleep in the car.
i loved every second of our quiet time alone together as a family. i love my little family.


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Makes me want to go camping right now! It's nice to just spend time as a little family sometimes huh?

Let's kick it.

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