Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy birthday to me.

34. on friday the 13th i turned thirty-four. not sure how i feel. don't want to come off as ungrateful, but if i'm going to be honest, it's wasn't my favorite birthday. it's the first birthday i've ever had to work. i guess i've been spoiled. but i've always just taken my birthday off. i love my birthday. and then especially after meeting kg and his was just three days prior, we have always both taken the week off. but this year it just wasn't possible. huge bummer. the girls and kg made it great of course. the girls gave me a mani/pedi. can't wait to use it. they sang to me. and they took me out to lunch at romio's. free birthday lunch! so delicious! kg gave me the gift of upgrading my phone. we stopped by the apple store to get that started but it was crazy busy and they were rude so we left. not sure i'm going to do it. it's expensive and i still have my reservations about the new iphone. we'll see. maybe i'll fix my camera instead. hmm. decisions. all of which are easier to ignore since we don't really have the money anyway.
we usually party for like two weeks hitting up all the freebie birthday restaurants. wasn't possible this year. however, i did get free shampoo and conditioner from stepping stones salon and spa.
i got two free bars of soap from casual classics. yum.
lynnette gave me the best card ever. awesome hippie card as well as some gifts cards.
that night we had the madison family reunion at the clubhouse. it was nice to see all the family. kg and i left at 8:30 to go to the drive-in, taking with us the girls as well as my nieces torta and kas and cousin dani. they were playing toy story 3 and prince of persia. pretty sure i'm the only one on the planet that didn't cry in toy story. big surprise. actually i was surprised because i've been crying everyday lately. but not for that movie.
we dropped dani off on our way home and got home at 2:30 am. we had a good time. then i stayed up with torta and kas watching ellen dance on 'so you think you can dance'. awesome! we also started watching summer magic and i gave up a quarter of the way through and went to bed at 4:30 am. i love my nieces!
i also got crappy health news about my mom that day. i'll be writing a separate post about that.

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