Friday, August 13, 2010

night on the town with my girls

on the 12th i needed to go borrow a trifle dish from kris. that was the perfect excuse to go downtown with the girls. we parked near the idaho building garage. in the last 6 months that garage has really changed. they are allowing art on the walls and it's brilliant. i love it. so we took a little tour and savored the art.
i really liked this one.
and this was cool. it was a whole bunch of broken ceramic pieces glued to the wall.
the girls were fascinated that this was allowed. ;)

i really love this one.
there's just something about the bikes, the tilt of the woman's head and the trees.
i want to go back when my camera is fixed and get a really good photo.
then we wandered on over to pie hole. yum. and yes i ate a piece. even though it's not gluten free. i couldn't help it. i miss their pizza so much!
actually i only ate half a piece. then i saw my friend/former camp girl sierra and started chatting. before i knew it flower was finishing off my piece after she'd eaten hers. then she finished off river's! she loves this pizza and she was hungry! usually it's river stealing her food so this was good.

after that we took two pieces to kg at work before going home. we said prayers and went to bed. this is how river folds her arms for prayers. so cute. and her prayers are completely adorable!
good night sweet girls.

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