Wednesday, August 11, 2010

happy 34th loverboy

august 10th was kg's birthday.
i made him scrumptious turtle brownies.
that afternoon, during my lunch hour, we packed in a quick birthday celebration. he has mandatory overtime at work for a while and has to be there by 6:30 pm. since i get home from work after 6, no time for a party! bummer. but we made the best of it.
we woke him up and sang happy birthday.

then he opened his gifts. the girls gave him this tie with their photo on it. the photo is of them sitting on the giant pickle's place rocking chair. i love that the green chair makes it look like a fun green tie. the tie goes perfect with the black, pin striped suit i gave him, which i got for 70% off. bam! i was stoked.
we boogied on over to red robin for our free lunch. they, by far, are the best place to go for birthdays. your meal is free. since my birthday was that week, my meal was free as well. kg got a huge burger and fries. i got a delicious grilled chicken salad that had apples and walnuts. yum. all for free! plus two free sundaes AND they come out singing to us. they know how to treat you right!

aside from me losing it right before we woke up kg, or shall i say me losing it is what woke up kg, we ended up having a very nice afternoon. kg also went to get the suit tailored so it would be ready for church on sunday.
here he is looking smoking hot wearing the suit and tie on sunday! too bad the photo sucks but i was taking it with my phone, half asleep as he was leaving early for meetings. :) and too bad you can't see the pin stripes.
love you, honey. thanks for being an amazing dad and patient husband. you are always so loving and kind. we would never survive without you.

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