Saturday, July 23, 2011

c.j. strike::day 1

on july 22nd we went camping with the goodsell's and the mullins. the goodsell's went up in the morning and took flower with them. we went up after i got off work in the afternoon with the mullin's following us. we went to c.j. strike. we stayed at a different location than last year and it was beautiful as you can see. our one complaint? no shade! when the sun was out, it was soooo hot! but we managed to have a lovely time.

the rafts that the goodsell's brought were a life saver from the heat. the kids had such a great time. i loved that our camping spot was water front.

the mullin's sweet dog loved the water too. it's deaf and blind in one eye plus albino.(i hope i got that right) he had fun in the water with the kids.
josh is amazing at skipping rocks. he was schooling vern. ;)
sometimes his rocks would have 5 or 6 hops.

the girls loved being pulled in the raft by the dog!

river took a nap on kg's shoulder. so sweet.

that pretty much sums up that day. lots of time spent in the water just trying to keep cool.

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