Sunday, July 3, 2011

independence weekend::day 3

july 3rd
we started out the day with a delicious breakfast made by kg. then we went to the hot tub.

after that, sandee decided she wanted some time in mccall so we went back to mccall.
first thing on the agenda was ice cream alley since there wasn't a line.
then we walked to the beach.
nothing says summer to me more than swimsuits and ice cream. :)

epitome of summer!

then we went back home...

and got ready to take some photos...

and then go to a bbq at roger's cabin. he had three different families staying with him so there were lots of people to hang out with. we had a really good time.

the next sequence of photos make me smile. i love it when my brothers play with my kids. river was having so much fun with roger and i'm pretty sure roger was having just as much fun!

those of us watching were entertained by them for over half an hour.

kg was apparently cold and tired so he bundled up and took a nap. :)
we took rides on the 4 wheeler with lauren.
river was very nervous at first.

kg finally took her off and let her watch flower to see that it wasn't scary.

then she was happy to take her turn.

i love the sunshine!
ahhh, nice little hug between mother and son.
dirty clothes are a good sign of playing hard!

dancing in the street while waiting for their turn.

torta got out another 4 wheeler and started giving rides.

i love my sweet niece. it's hard to believe she's the one driving me around!
we also played games i the yard.

after lots of play it was time to go get our spot for the fireworks. roger and his guests had boats so they were going to be watching from the lake. but he hooked us up with the water front property of one of his clients. we sat in his front yard and had the perfect view.
we played the card game b.s. while we waited for it to get dark.
then we enjoyed a magnificant show!

i was grateful that cascade did their fireworks on sunday, otherwise we'd have missed them since we were leaving monday the 4th.

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