Sunday, July 24, 2011

c.j. strike::day 2 and 3

july 24th
we woke up early enough to enjoy the sun rise.

these two guys were fishing with bows and arrows. they got one right in front of us. it was so fun to watch!

that's a big one!

we ventured out on a walk.

river collected rocks along the way.
another part of c.j. strike, behind the dam.
group shot above the dam.

more time in the water.
lisa asleep in the raft.
kg and river asleep in the other raft.
john asleep in the raft.

the kids got creative with keeping cool by putting the chairs in the water since the rafts were being used for naps. it was just too hot to sleep in the tents or bus.

it provided for some great fun and entertainment.

river loves her uncle monkey.

flower and topher had so much fun this trip and got along so well. i loved watching them together.
i'm so glad vern brought his guitar. he made up songs about the kids that made us all laugh!

flower likes to eat the skin off her hot dogs. gross. :)

the poor dog was getting sunburned with his albino skin. you can see the red around his eyes and nose. :(
vern and river enjoyed some yellow peppers.

we had a great bon fire that night! the 3 guys were hilarious together and kept us laughing.

july 24th
we woke up, enjoyed some breakfast, cleaned up the sight and were on our way home.

i'm so glad the mullin'g joined us at the last minute. i sure enjoy their company. i look forward to going camping with them next summer when their kids can come along! it was a great trip and i'm grateful for fun friends!

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