Friday, July 1, 2011

independence weekend::day 1

july 4th weekend was an excellent one! kg happened to have a six day weekend and i earned a weekend stay at my bosses condo in tamarack. it was the perfect time to go. when we arrived at tamarack on july 1st we were greeted by hundreds of sheep. it was quite amusing. we rolled down the windows and loved listening to them. we laughed and laughed as we made our way through the herd that was completely blocking the road.

once we made it through the sheep we found the condo and unloaded.

i love the look of these nesting bowls.
we then went to the lodge to check things out and have dinner.
river immediately gravitates towards dogs wherever we go!
we all looked like a bunch of ragamuffins but oh well!

such a beautiful view.

waiting for our food.

the pool was fa-reezing!

but this hot tub was nice and hot and it's huge!
pretty flowers outside our car.

can you spot the deer?
and of course river fell into the hot tub and then didn't want to wear her wet clothes in the car and road home nekked. :)
true white trash worthy right there.

the girls slept in our closet(their choice!).
they had lots of fun swimming in our huge tub, complete with goggles.

we had a wonderful nights sleep.

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