Sunday, July 31, 2011

july wrap-up

7.3-happy birthday laura!
7.6-went out to chinese. love a 'sit down' restaurant that has a toy section to keep the kids entertained!

then we went across the parking lot for a shaved ice. while we were sitting there john called to find out where the shack was, not knowing we were sitting right there! so they joined us.

7.7-swimming with daddy

relief society summer activity

7.8-time at the park
7.10-river dumped eggs on the carpet.
then an entire bottle of lemon bright.
and let's add in some bananas
7.11-decorating our shelf.


yummy corn on the cob

finishing the shelf

7.14-teasing squirrels
7.15-happy birthday denzil!
swimming with carol and lisa7.19-happy birthday lauren!
7.20-happy birthday justice!
7.21-playing on the way home
tired squirrel
7.23-happy birthday journey!
7.28-swimming with uncle justinand that pretty much wraps up the month!

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