Saturday, July 2, 2011

independence weekend::day 2

july 2nd.
i love the way the sunshine came in this window in the mornings.yummy snacks for our weekend.
this speaker for my iphone was awesome!
we enjoyed some cereal before starting our day.
we went to the lodge to soak in the hot tub and the girls even braved the big pool and kiddie pool.

we also layed out and soaked up the suns rays.

as you can see river moved about every 30 seconds. :)
i loved the layers of these beautiful flowers outside the lodge.

around 11:00 am my parents arrived. we greeted them at the condo and then went to mccall for lunch.

on our way to the restaurant we came upon a hippie tie dye booth and bought each a little something. the girls each got a dress, kg a tie and i got a skirt. the girls had to wear theirs right then.

we then walked to the beach and were delighted to run into our long time friends, the jensen's. they were our neighbors when i was age 5 to 11. you can see my cute parents behind eric walking hand in hand to find eric's mom. they were all there for a family reunion. it was the first time in years to see the entire family! what a nice surprise. they were such fun neighbors. we loved and fought like siblings. ;)
while i chatted with our friends kg took some awesome photos of the girls playing in the fountain. since we didn't think to bring their bathing suits the new dressed came in handy for getting wet. once they were done we put the other clothes back on.
flower totally looks like she's going to punch out the water all popeye style!

it must have been really cold! :)

eventually they made their way to the beach where we were talking and they played there for a bit.

finally we went to ice cream alley only to discover a horrendous line so we went to shavers to buy some ice cream and went back to the condo.
we enjoyed some ice cream cones, did cross word puzzles, enjoyed the nice weather on the balcony and took naps.

i also made my desserts for a sunday evening bbq the next day.

eventually we all went on a walk.

right after this photo we had a pretty good scare with river.
as you can see she has a push bike, therefore there are no brakes. right before the turn back to the condo there is a hill. she got going down the hill and then couldn't stop. we were all behind her and just watched in horror. kg went running to try and stop her. it was so scary to watch. she was headed straight for two huge boulders. if she hit those she'd go face first into them and be in bad shape. the other thing that scared me is that if a car came around the corner they would hit her before they saw her. right before the boulders she hit some sand and the tires went right out from under her. it happened so fast. she went down and her head bounced on the cement as she slid. it was awful to watch. i stopped running and gasped and held my breath as kg scooped her up. i was so scared but then incredibly relieved and shocked to find that the only thing that happened to her was a scrape on the elbow.
poor girl. she was pretty shook up and so was her mamma. it's a good thing she had her helmet on because it was dented and scraped. it gives me the willies to think what might have happened otherwise. i'm grateful she's ok. and now she has a really cool scar.
we cheered her up with a second round of ice cream cones and then waited for sandee and the kids arrive!

we played games late into the night.
such a lovely day.

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Megan Davenport Cannon said...

holy crap, that is scary! What a relief she wasn't injured beyond the scrape.

Let's kick it.

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