Monday, January 29, 2007

MONDAY-DAY 12-January 29th

Today we both woke up feeling considerably better. The ear that hurt the most yesterday got more of the drops and is feeling better but now the other one is hurting worse. However, once I take an Exedrin Migraine, I don't feel a thing! :) We have taken more drugs this trip then we have our whole lives combined! Kay, Amanda's main helper, is from Boston so she had good western medicine. She hooked us up with Dayquil and Nyquil, which is what we normally take if we need medicine, the day of the hand. Plus Amanda gave me the thickest Cough Syrup I have ever taken. It's a Chinese brand. We both have been taking Dayquil every morning, Nyquil every night, and guzzling the cough syrup when we think about it. Plus we're taking the Exedrin Migraine. I also have the ear drops and an inhaler! Wow. I was using the inhaler morning and night until about 3 days ago and I've only used it three times since then so that is great! We both still have the hacking cough but, like I said before, I just don't think that will go away until we're home. Not too fun but very manageable compared to what we were dealing with. We decided not to press our luck and just have another inside day to ourselves. We slept/lounged around until 9:45. We then got all our clothes together for laundry service. We decided one way to help ourselves stay sane when we get home is to not have to worry about doing three week worth of laundry right away. We sent out everything we have worn so far other then our under garments. It was three hotel laundry bags full. We have already set clothes aside for Guongzhou that we never unpacked so these clothes can now be folded, packed and not taken out until we return home. We were finally ready and rushing out the door to get to breakfast at 10:15. The buffet comes with our room and stops at 10:30. By the time we were done Jo was waiting in the lobby. KG just had to go with her to Flower's passport. When he got back we decided to go for a walk to check out a local supermarket just a few streets away. This was in the hopes of making Flower tired. When we got back, we gave her some lunch and then she fell right to sleep. They are both asleep now as I slave away uploading photos. ;) They slept about an hour. We lounged the rest of the night until about 6:30. We went to a restaurant in our hotel for dinner since it was the last night. She had spaghetti and loves it. She likes anything with noodles. KG had pork chops and I had salmon, both very good. We then spent then rest of the night in and were in bed fairly early.


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