Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TUESDAY-DAY 6-January 23rd

I was wake by 5:30 am. I wasn't able to sleep well and woke up all throughout the night unable to breath. I finally went and turned the shower on as hot as it would go and then sat on the counter and inhaled the steam for as long as I could take it! It helped for a bit but not as long as I'd hoped. We finished watching the Illusionist. I also want to wish Marco a happy birthday. He's still in Argentina. What better birthday gift then getting a new niece!? In just under two hours we will have our little girl on our arms! :) We are going to finish getting ready and go eat breakfast!
We got back tot he hotel around 7 pm. The meeting/hand-off at the civil affairs office wasn't as emotional as we'd all expected. Actually none of us cried at all. Perhaps that's because we know we'll still be seeing Amanda throughout the week. With her was Kay, who has been a part of her foster home from the beginning, and Laura, from the Big O(bigger orphanage). After the hand off we went to the Hyatt with all of them and Kay's boyfriend Will for lunch. It was awkward for us because we felt like we were being watched and not knowing her eating habits/likes and dislike, we didn't really know what to do. The meal went fine though. After that we went to Amanda's. We spent the rest of the afternoon there. We gave her all of the things that we'd brought and she was so surprised by all of the scrapbook stuff. We pretty much spent the rest of the day in her room while she went through everything. Nina(Flower-I will refer to her the same as we are going to call her through the name change transition just so you can see the process and how long it takes) took a nap as well as played. We got some photos of the other babies and the nannies. We also met the Britton's who have been helping Amanda every Tuesday from the beginning. I was really bummed because I just wanted to get in there and cuddle with the babies but I didn't want to get them sick, therefore I pretty much stayed away. :( She is deffinitly warming up to KG quickly. :) I'm just not feeling very playful right now and it's taking everything in me to just keep smiling! KG had her laughing most of the afternoon though. At one point he left Amanda's room and she was not happy. He left her on my lap so she screamed and slapped her hands against my chest and when I didn't react she looked down at my hands and then scratched the tops of them pretty good. We were so thrilled when we went to leave and one of the nannies tried to take her from KG and she clung to him! That is a great sign! We watched Finding Nemo that night in bed and she loved it! I took Nyquil and was out cold for about 5 hours until her crying woke me. KG said she had already woke up a few times and he had rubbed her back till she fell asleep. Since I'd already had five hours of sleep I told him to go to sleep and I'd take care of her since we had to be up in 4 hours. I gave her a bottle and took her pajama top off and she slept 4 hours straight so I'm thinking she was just hot.
Day 6 Photos-Official hand-off-Gotcha Day

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