Sunday, January 28, 2007

SUNDAY-DAY 11-January 28th

Today was not very exciting! We didn't sleep well because from the time we put Flower to bed at 8 p.m. the night before, she woke up about every half hour crying. That lasted all night! Finally at 3 am KG brought her in to bed with him but that didn't make much difference. It just meant that we didn't have to get up to rub her back but she kicked all night. We didn't fully wake up until 10 am. Flower just kind of played on the bed. I woke up with my ears worse and I can't hear out of the right one. I am no longer sick to my stomach and don't have a headache but I don't think my hacking cough with subside until I'm out of this crappie air. My voice is coming back little by little. KG is worse. He has a fever a stomach ache. We ordered room service for breakfast and attempted to watch The Wild but it kept skipping. We realized that the case we were keeping the movies in is scratching them. Nice. We then put in Chicken Little. None of the movies have kept her attention like Finding Nemo and Tom and Jerry. At noon we got ready for church. We decided to go just because so many were expecting us and wanted their last good-byes with Flower. As we were leaving, KG vomited. We decided we'd only stay for the first block of church. Amanda was here to pick us up at 12:30 in a taxi. It was a very nice meeting. It was so different having church with just 15 people. We said our goodbyes and then walked with Amanda to a pharmacy to get some ear drops. When we got back to the hotel we all lied down. We wanted to make sure Flower got a nap because Amanda suggested that perhaps she woke up a lot the night before because they didn't get a nap yesterday. Unfortunately, since she fell asleep while we were walking, those plans failed. Flower finally got up with me and I did my best to entertain her so that KG could sleep. I was enjoying my alone time with her a got a really cute video of us singing the 'I love you' song. Well cute of her anyway! He woke up at one point and had a fever of about 102*. He took a cool bath to try and bring his temperature down. It was pretty cute because Flower could tell he didn't feel well and wanted her daddy so she kept laying down looking under the bathroom door to find him. :) He loaded up on medicine and just kept sleeping and by the time I ordered dinner, his fever had broke. Around 8 I took Flower for a walk through the hallways. I was running with her to get her really tired with the hopes that she's sleep through the night. When we got back I gave her a bottle of warm milk and put her to bed. Unfortunately by 9:30 she woke up crying! I went to her and hugged her and rubbed her back and laid her down and by the time I got back with her bottle filled with water, she was asleep. We'll see how the night goes. We aren't really sure what to do. Should we go to her every time? My thought was to talk to her and hold her the first time, then talk to her and rub her back then next, and then just rub her back each time after that and maybe just letting her cry for a bit. We just don't know if we go to her every time if it will create a pattern because she knows she will get attention. The cry, like this time, isn't a real cry but more fake and forced. Anyone from the adoption community that could respond and weigh in here would be so appreciated! We just want to make sure we are doing the right thing for attachment and for her best interest. I was able to get onto myspace and my blogsite so I spent a good part of the day and night adding all the daily updates to them while I uploaded lots of photos and videos. Well, I've made it an hour and she hasn't woken up yet. I ended up putting a blanket over the top of the crib, except over her head, hoping that would make it darker keeping out the light of the tv and computer. The room she was in was always very dark. KG is also snoring behind me. ;) Before last night, all three of us had fallen asleep at the same time so maybe that makes a difference. Perhaps she can sense that I'm still awake. It's now midnight and she still hasn't woken up again! Yay. I am done for the night. If I upload one more photo I will lose it! Goodnight!
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