Wednesday, January 24, 2007

WEDNESDAY-DAY 7-January 24th

We woke up about 7:15 am with a phone call from Amanda. She was calling to see how our night had gone. We told her that Flower slept ok most of the night but a couple times woke up crying a little. I think she was just too hot. We got up, got dressed and ready to go by 8. Our guide for the day, Jo, showed up a little after 8 at the hotel room. She looked over the papers so we could be sure to have everything in order for our appointment at the civil affairs office. I was holding Flower and Jo tried to take her and she clung to me. :) Then we went down stairs and had breakfast. The wait staff was just inthralled with Flower. They kept asking us questions about her and then one said, "thank you for choosing chinese baby!" as she walked away. She was so happy to have American's adopting their babies. We arrived at the civil affairs office shortly after 9 am. It was a pretty painless process. An officer just asked us some questions about our employment, our ability to provide and take care of Flower, and why we chose to adopt her. We paid them a bunch of fees, signed a bunch of papers and then left. KG asked Flower who mommy was and she pointed right at me! :) We had to go to another office to do the passport stuff. There, we recorded Flower giving daddy her first kiss. It was very sweet. Then we returned back to the hotel. I haven't been feeling well, and feel worse today. We got back to the hotel around 11:30 am and rested. I want to try and just stay in for a couple of days and see if that will speed up my feeling better. Around 2 p.m. we took her swimming and hated every minute of it! It was kind of cold. We decided after only 10 minutes, her screaming the whole time, to come back to the room and put her in a warm bath. She hated that too. We loved baths at Amanda's so maybe she is just not ready for that yet. I then soaked in the tub and read and they finished watching Finding Nemo. She fell asleep around 4:30 and we watched She's The Man. We then woke her up for room service dinner about 5:30. So far she will try anything and had liked almost all of it! She is also pretty much responding to Flower now which surprised me. She totally identifies us as mommy and daddy. She is much more bonded to KG! She will only let me do things for her if he's not in the room or he's not paying attention. She gives him kisses gladly. I'm very happy she's attaching but it's hard feeling like she doesn't like me. I now it will take time and it doesn't help that I'm just not much fun right now. She wanted to be put in the little crib about 7 so she'll likely be out soon and KG and I are going to watch The Kid and I. She is laying in her crib as I write this saying, "mamma" so I'll respond "Flower". :) That's partly due to KG being nice and pretending he's asleep so she'll pay attention to me. Unfortunately my voice is still shot so she can't hear me respond most of the time! ;)

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