Sunday, January 21, 2007

SUNDAY DAY 4-January 21

Sunday started early with getting everyone ready for church. We enjoyed a nice breakfast with DJ and Melissa while Marc still avoided us. :) We played a lot with DJ teaching him some hand clapping games and songs. We also gave him his first piece of gum with this family. We were impressed that he chewed it for an hour, not spitting it out until right before church started. Their branch is bigger then our ward! It was a lovely meeting and imagine our surprise when the couple speaking said they were from Boise. Then they said their names and I realized I new them. I spoke with them after and sure enough, they used to live across the street from my grandparents. Brother and Sister Lyons. His brother and SIL were friends with my grandparents. Their son Scott is either friends with my brother or my cousin John. She wasn't sure and I can't remember but know the name. They were so welcoming there and several people came to introduce themselves right away. One gal had the cutest skirt on and hooked us up with the place to shop! After sacrement meeting we quickly changed and met Lance. He had arranged a driver for us for the rest of the day. I was so excited to hear the Beatles playing all the way there. He was amused by my Beatles sweatshirt I just happened to be wearing. It was a nice ride to our frist destination, The Great Wall. That was amazing! We took a cable car up the mountain and then walked lots and lots of the wall. It was so darn cold! I was really struggling with the cold and the bad air that i kept getting dizzy because I just wasn't getting the oxygen that I needed. We still had a really great time though. We road a slide car down which was fun but since it was controled by them, not as fast as it could have been. At the end of that area there were lots of bears to look at. Since we took the slide car down it brought us out a different side so we had to get a taxi to take us back to our driver because I jsut couldn't handle a 5 mile walk at that point! We were soon on our way to the Ming Tombs which were fascinating! The under ground palace was just neat. We spent a couple hours there, choosing the automated tour again. I broke one side to my earphone and was so annoyed because we had to pay a deposit of 200 RMB for each! they were the cheapest little things and not worth that so KG rigged it back together and we got the full deposit! Probably not the most honest thing but oh well. ;) After that he took us to the market where the gal had gotten her skirt. It was huge! There were five stories and the building was massive. We found the skirts right away in two different sections. It was fun to haggle with them. One skirt was originally 560 RMB and I talked them down to 100 RMB. The next was 450 and I talked them down to 100 RMB. It was fun and knowing they are paying only about 15-25 RMB I don't feel so bad. I do feel bad for the people that don't know to tlak them down because they are getting taken! Luckily Donya filled us in and said not to ever pay more then a quarter of their original price. I didn't do too bad. When we got home we played Uno Spin with the family. Finally Marc's personality came out. He is a fun kid. He loves computer games. He is also competive at board games and isn't allowed to keep score because he hates losing so bad he cheats. :) He handled losing just fine tonight. KG acutally won and they all slautered me. I was the only one with a zero score. The kids went to bed however and we finished the game out the Donya and Lance. We then taught them Toss Up! and I redeamed myself and won that. I know we have made some life long friends in the Harvey's and if we lived close we would easily get together often. They are a neat family that we feel like we've known for years! We all finally hit the sack at about midnight. I didn't fall asleep till after 2 am however. Maybe I'm anxious about our trip to Xi'An?! I also got hooked up with another inhaler. I hacked and wheezed my way through the game and after explaining, without a voice, that I had forgotten my inhaler they metioned that Lance had been perscribed one but never used it. It's not as high strength as mine but will do the job for now! :)
Day 4 Photos-Great Wall of China
Day 4 Photos-Ming Tombs
Day 4 Photos-Yashow Mall

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