Saturday, January 27, 2007

SATURDAY-DAY 10-January 27th

We were up at 8 am. I felt the same as yesterday which is better but not great. I also woke up with earaches to boot! KG however is not feeling well now. We got dressed, had breakfast and met Jo in the van by 9:00 am. We went to the Terra Cotta Warriors which was about an hour drive away, although still in Xi'An. On our way there, KG was holding Flower and I put my hands out to see if she would come to me and she did! This is a first. It only happened once today but I'll take it! :) I used the carrier today and had Flower on my back. It was very easy and I'm so glad that we got it! KG had used it twice with her on his stomach. I was able to carry her the whole day with no problem! It also keeps others from wanting to hold her and or just picking her up if we let her walk around. We really enjoyed ourselves and ended up buying a book about it so we can become more familiar with it. We first went into the Terra Cotta Museum, then pit one for a few minutes, then to another room to watch a 20 minute video about the pits, then back to pit one. It is the biggest pit and very fascinating! We then went to pit 2 and then on to lunch. We had the 'famous' noodles other adoptive parents have talked about. They were right, the noodles are delicious! We were sitting right by the guy who makes them and it was fun to watch. Flower ate 2 bowls. I then put her back on my back and we were off to pit three. It was much smaller so it didn't take long and then we were headed for the van. We got back to the hotel around 3 p.m.. Since KG isn't feeling well he took a nap. Flower was supposed to be taking a nap but she was entertaining herself in her crib instead. I got a really cute video of it that I will send along soon. At 4 we reluctantly, because KG woke up with a fever, met Jo in the lobby just so the driver could take us to Amanda's. There was a party on our behalf. There were families from the Church Branch, other volunteers and all the nannies. Amanda made brownies, cookies, queso with tortilla chips, cheetos, and soda. Flower also also had her last bath with Jonas. Flower wasn't as bad this time. We left pretty early because Flower was grumpy not having had a nap and we didn't feel good. The other times we've left we have snuck out without letting her see Amanda to avoid a tamtrum. This time we decided to have Amanda follow us out and say good-byes. She gladly hugged and kissed Amanda from KG's arms but still wanted to come with us! This is huge! She still won't come to us if Amanda is holding her but that may not happen. We got back to the hotel at 7 and ordered room service. we just played with Flower for an hour to get her energy out. She even willingly gave me kisses at one point, my second so far! :-D Those just make my day even though it was super wet and slobbery! ;) Flower was in bed asleep by 8. KG tried to be asleep and even took Nyquil but is still awake now at 10:00 PM. :( I am uploading photos and have a long way to go as I just got to day 4! Oy!
Terra Cotta Warriors Photos
Fairwell party Photos

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