Monday, September 7, 2009

Dave Matthews Band *edited*

*added photos from Mary to concert section*
We decided to spend our Labor Day Weekend at the Gorge camping and watching Dave Matthews perform live! Yep. I agree. No better way to spend the weekend. Especially not at a yucky wedding or golf tournaments. ;) ::Hi friend!::
When we arrived at our camp destination, although I had been warned, I could hardly believe my eyes. I had never seen anything quite like it. It was really the best example of controlled chaos I have ever seen. It was dark so I waited to take pictures of the scene until the next day. They are below.
We set up camp. KG had the brilliant idea of bringing a tent as well as the bus. We used it for a containment play area for the girls, a dressing room, and a dining room. It was perfect and kept the bus tidy for napping and sleeping.
As soon as KG got the tent set up the girls were tucked in there to play
while we got everything else organized.
They were thrilled to run around after that 8 hour drive.
I am so grateful they are happy travelers.
Here's Crush guarding our tent behind him.
So here's the scene you've been waiting on the edge of your seat to see.
Tents and cars and campers everywhere!
So awesome. We loved it. Aside from everyone thinking they had the and therefore thought they needed to blare it out of their car the loudest, everyone was chill. Just two cars down the boyz rolled their doobies right before our very eyes. And the next day they upgraded to a sweet looking pipe. We must be starting to look our age because no one even offered us a joint! Booo! ;)
There's KG slaving over the griddle making us a yummy breakfast on Saturday morning.
Get a load of this grossness. About an hour away from our destination the night before, we thought it started to rain. Oh no. It was bugs. Nasty. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was bad enough that people were commenting on it our entire stay. Some even stopped to gawk and take photos. One girl, whom I'm quite sure was high, even popped a squat and stared for quite some time. Perhaps she was holding a private vigil for their untimely demise?
The only evidence of a yummy breakfast are the morsels on her chin.
How dare I stop to take a photo. I'm not filling her tray fast enough.
The following is my new favorite photo of my favorite three. It's a pretty accurate snippet of the way they interact with one another on a daily basis. Pure love right there.
KG bought Flower some cool flashcards in which she was very good at but River kept trying to get a grab which was making it difficult. Welcome to having a sister girlfriend!
During the day we slept...a lot. And by we I mean me, like having three naps kind of slept, all between 8 am and 6 pm. Bliss I tell you. River had a couple as well and Flower had one. We also sat outside on a blanket and took in the crowds and the perfect weather. I read a lot. KG did logic puzzles. We played games. We enjoyed ourselves. Then the rains came tumbling down. At first it was just a sprinkle here an there. Then a little more sending everyone for cover. Then an hour before the show was to begin, it poured. We finally got all bundled up to make the 1.25 mile trek to the amphitheater. Because of the rain we brought extra stuff which included dressing us in a few extra layers so when the top layer got soaked we could take it off and have layers to spare, sleeping bags to stay warm in because they are water proof, a tarp to protect our bottoms from the wet ground since we were sitting in the grass section, and an umbrella. A quarter mile away from our destination the rain subsided and our extras were just adding annoyance and weight to our jaunt. Then the sun made an appearance and we were sweating bullets! But then the most amazing full double rainbow graced us with her presence and it was all worth it.
Unfortunately we didn't capture the double but here's Flower and I under the bottom one.
The bottom one was seriously the brightest rainbow I've ever seen. A camera phone just can't capture the beauty but we weren't in a position to dig out the good camera just yet. The top one was more faded. Then we found our friends that were saving our seats and took in the beauty that surrounded us.
Cutest baby at the show!
Cutest family at the show!
Yowza. This is the most perfect concert venue I've ever been to. Just look at the views!
All from where we sat.

Clear to the left of the photo you can vaguely make out the second rainbow.
The sun cast the most amazing light for most of my photos. I was in heaven with the back light it provided.
Flower had so much fun with Erin.
As soon as G Love and Special Sauce started to play, they danced their little tails off.
I love this band and was excited to see they were the opening act!
River loved the music as well and got lots of stares and giggles as she clapped...
...waived her arms...
...and squealed with delight.
She was the youngest one we saw there.
More views.

More dancing.
A few of our fellow concert goers.
Whitney with her husband and Mary with her two girls Abby and
Erin(who was off dancing with Flower).
We've known Whit and Mary since high school.
Couldn't get enough of the rainbow and then the clouds had to get in on the act.

Fab four.
Then darkness was upon us and the Dave was on!
He is so hot!
For those with good eyesite you can see him on the screen to the left. You can also click on this or any of the photos to make them bigger.
The whole gang.
By this time River was ready for a bottle. I tucked her in the sleeping bag and layed next to her. I layed there listening to some of the best music ever, taking in the excitment of the crowd. As I stared at River and her beauty and Flower cuddled in KG's lap as he swayed to the beat next to me I soaked up the moment. It was magical. One of those moments I never want to forget. Flower eventually fell asleep in KG's arms. He layed her next to River.
KG being normal.
After River finished her bottle I partook in one of the rare moments with her, cuddling.
She sat on my lap for a good long while enjoying the music as I swayed.
Eventually she fell asleep and this was is how she stayed for the remainder of the show. Cuddling in a sleeping bag on the grass.
So peaceful. That's how I felt inside.
I stood up for the last song and really soaked in the experience. As Ants Marching played and I sang along, there was so much emotion. I love what music does for me. I love how it makes me feel and the memories it brings to the forefront of my mind. Just so you know, if you are or ever have been a friend of mine, we have a song. Some of you know the song because we dubbed it so. Others don't because it wasn't a collective thing, just simply a song that will always remind me of you. Someday I'll write them all down. Music is magic. I hope to attend many more concerts at the Gorge.
Hi Friend ::waiving at you now:: Yes you, the one that had a wedding and golf this weekend. You must come to a concert here. I will hold you to it. You will love it. I promise. And if by some freak chance you don't love it, we can come up with some sort of revenge on me.

After the show we trudged back to camp. Somehow the walk seemed so much longer this time. We all slept VERY well that night.
Sunday morning we discovered, through facebook message, that my cousin Megan lives only 40 minutes from where we were. We packed it up and headed to Ellensburg. We enjoyed a yummy brunch with her and her husband and babe.
Megan and baby Carolyn
River really took to Craig!
This photo is especially for Miles.
After a short visit at thier house we were on the road for home. We pulled in around 11 pm. Between the winds that threw the bus about, nearly causing me an anxiety attack, and the car sickness in which I lost my brunch and dinner, I was ready to be home. We slept in this morning till 10:00 am! Simply the best.
Hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! We are finishing it off with dinner at La Tapatia with Heiner's and Sturgills tonight. Can hardly wait!


Janae and Matt said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love the shot of the pretty. Seeing the Gorge made me homesick. :( We lived 40 minutes from there up until last year and loved it.

Natalie said...

this is too funny because we were in seattle over labor day as well! my step-sister and her hubby went to this concert while me and my hubby and sister and her hubby were still reeling from the news that we would not make it on our cruise. we stayed at the hotel and sulked. :) anyways, they loved it and would not stop talking about it. small world eh?
i am so glad you had fun and also am glad you took so many pictures because i have never seen the gorge. what a site!!

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