Saturday, September 12, 2009

Underwear days.

We've had a really great weekend. Friday night we went to Art in the Park with the my parents, sister and her two kids. After that we swung by Sturg's and then decided to stop by Snow's. Bonnie and Miles hosted a music night. This was their second. It's in the Snow's backyard. When we arrived Bonnie and Miles were singing and both playing their guitars. That was my fav. Miles also did solos, a couple with Howard and Howard did some solos. We had a good time with Staley's, William's and Udall's as well. Flower sat front and center on a blanket totally digging the music, even when the other kids were running around. It was a lovely, spontaneous evening.
Saturday was an underwear day. Flower, River and I stayed in our underwear all day, not getting dressed until 5:30 when Kas came over. That morning we didn't have any diapers. I forgot to wash them. So as I washed and dried them, River got to run free, which was a couple of hours. Nothing showcases her little muscular legs better than being naked. She loved it. I tell ya if we still had wood floors she'd rarely be diapered.
She walks all day. She makes her lap from her bedroom to the living room, bringing something new with her each time.
I love her little neck in the photo.
The wipes. Check out that upper leg muscle! :o)
Musical whistle. I also love that you can tell how fast she rounds that corner. :)
A tambourine. :) She is so proud of each new object.
This is a bad photo but I included it to show off her arm muscle.

A pool doughnut.
While they were napping I enjoyed a bath while reading and napping. After the bath KG and I enjoyed some 'quality time' which meant trying to side track them with a movie. When I came out they were surrounding a day old pot of mac'n cheese. Flower had used a stool to pull it off the stove. So cute.

As I said earlier, Kas came over. She spent the night. She and Flower shut themselves in the bedroom and had a ball. That left us some one on one time with River. Here's how KG used that time.

He pushed her all over the living room. She loved it!

She was disappointed when the fun was over so she tried to get back in.

It proved to be tough.
So then she beat on the back of it to teach it a lesson.
Then carried it around to show it who's boss.
Can you see her stern face as she squawked at it?
And then she tried again.
And it cooperated. *please note the lovely string of drool extending from her mouth to her stomach. she's pushing through her 7th tooth*
She conquered!
It was a nice relaxing evening. The older girls had a great time. They took a bubble bath together that lasted over an hour that included wasting River's full bottle of baby wash. At least they had fun right? I did both their hair the same after the bath in prep for church.
Today we went to church and enjoyed the meetings. Well that's stretching it. I actually did enjoy the dry counsel speakers between shewing Flower out to the bathroom every time she sneezed snot rockets all over. Which was often. During GD I talked in the foyer while watching River and Oakley toddle around. They certainly are a cute pair. So that was enjoyable. Then in RS I enjoyed watching River walk around like she owned the place. Everyone else enjoyed it too. She put a smile on almost every face in that room. Even the teacher commented on the joy she was seeing on the faces of the sisters. One lady asked why she wasn't in nursery. I explained that she's only 9 months. She was surprised. Most people are since she's bigger than several of the nursery age babes. It's going to be a long 9 months and I love it. The part I didn't love was when I all of a sudden couldn't catch my breath and my lungs were tightening. I left her with the ladies that were doting on her and ran to the car for my inhaler. That was only after locating KG for the keys. Not a good feeling. It didn't go away until I left church. After church we went with Kris to try on the girls temple dresses! They are so stinkin cute. Julie made them and then brought them to Kris to do the final hemming of how long they need to be. I can hardly wait for that day. We also talked and laughed with them and enjoyed some really yummy food. Kas and Flower had a blast ransacking Kris' lipstick/nail polish drawer. They left there looking like hookers. ;) They loved it.
Good weekend. Hope yours was grand as well.

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