Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Preschool is upon us.

Last Tuesday Miss April, had an open house for her preschool students. We went to meet her and get to know the environment and other kids. Flower played on the swings and made a bead necklace that had letters for her name. She was also very happy to see her friend Madeline.
I forgot my camera so I stole these from Sara's blog. :)
Madeline making her necklace.
River showed off her walking skillz.
Flower loved her necklace. It's the longer one that is hard to see.
Madeline and Flower.
Today, 09.09.09, was her first day of preschool! Last night she received a back to school father's blessing. She thought that was neat. This morning when we woke her up KG asked her if she was ready for school and she said, "Not exactly". She makes me laugh.
She requested a chocolate doughnut and yogurt for her special back to school breakfast. KG picked up the doughnut on his way home from work.

At 8:30 we headed out the door.
KG will driving her to and from since I work early now. He made a great driving arrangement with Madeline's dad, Darin, based on his work schedule. Darin will drive every Monday and every other Wednesday. KG will drive every Friday and every other Wednesday. I was glad this week was his Wednesday so I could be there to take photos on her first day. This time Sara will be stealing mine. ;) It was so bright and too early to use my brain when it came to making sure the pictures weren't over exposed but these girls are so cute it doesn't matter!

Making the walk up the driveway.
Waiting on the step.
We ended up getting there almost 20 minutes early. Oops.

Peeking in the window wondering where their teacher was
since they'd already rang the bell no less than 12 times. she is.
Madeline and Miss April.
Flower and Miss April.
I am excited for Flower because she's in good hands. I've known April for several years and she gets rave reviews.
At 11:15 KG got them picked up and dropped off Madeline. Then he asked Flower what she wanted for her special back to school lunch. She chose Chicago Connection Pizza. They got it to go so I could enjoy it with them. When I asked Flower if she had fun she said yes. When asked what they did she said she got to go outside. Sounds successful to me. :) I did find two fun things in her school bag.
Apple dot-to-dot
A bean bag with her name on it.
I'm looking forward to what the school year has to offer and how much she changes.


Amanda said...

I was so excited for Flower reading your post. I love preschool! So Fun! I hope she enjoys it!!

sara :) said...

I don't think April knows what she's in for this year with the two of them! Thanks for taking the pics today-they turned out great.

Oh, and I'll have to take a picture of Madeline's connect the dots apple--it's decorated all over. She said it has a tattoo on it! :)

Becky Marks said...

Did you cry? :)

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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