Thursday, September 17, 2009

I like hanging limbs.

And children who claim they aren't tired and then fall asleep amongst a heap of toys. :0)
I'm going to empty my brain here of the few things we've done over the last couple of weeks, and in the next few little posts I'll be emptying my photo folders. I know all of you are eager for a new post! :) Am I generous or what?

...Flower is loving preschool.

...We went to a 'new to us' Mexican restaurant, not our fav, and TCBY with Sturg's and Heiners. It's so great to learn new things about people which make them that much more human and endearing.

...We were able to attend the temple sealing of KG's cousin to her husband and three kids. It was a very special evening.

...Uncle Steven made a surprise visit in the afternoon. I was playing cards with Flower so he took my place on the floor and they played cards as well as Sequence. I made us all lunch. The kids had fun with him. It was a nice visit.

...I finally had a day that was free that matched up with Kris painting her house. I was so excited. She has picked such fun colors and I have been giddy to see it all come together. This has been months in the making! While I was there I painted the computer alcove green, then I started on the yellow dining/living room color, while she painted the kitchen orange. Seriously fun stuff. Always very relaxing with lots to talk about over there.

...KG and I are finally taking advantage of our free gym memberships. This is all dreadful for me with fears that most will never no about but I'm trying to have a good attitude and trudge forward through the anxiety. I'm hoping with a couple of very supportive people by my side for support I can get a good plan squared away.

...We went to lunch at Zips with Sara +two kids and Sarah. Good times.

So that's it. You're welcome! :0)

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