Saturday, July 31, 2010

july is over already?

here's the things that happened that didn't get their own post...
7.1-i had an enrichment meeting and then met the family at chow chow's for dinner. it was so good to see jimmy and chow again. it had been since january! far too long.
7.2-my mom brought kas and spencer over to swim. river and flower joined them. then kg, flower and spencer when to see the last airbender with monkey and the boys. river and kas continued to swim till they got back and then they all swam again.
7.3-happy birthday laura!
7.5-flower and i made the best gluten free banana chocolate chip bars. soooo good! thanks kris.
in the afternoon kg took the girls swimming with monkey and the boys and sandee and family. i stayed home and enjoyed a quiet house and did 6 loads of laundry. the last place i want to be on my day off is anywhere near the office!
7.6-my mom watched the girls for me. i knew it would be a crazy day since we were closed saturday and monday. although i did work for a few hours on saturday, most people waited to pay rent until tuesday. i was right, it was crazy and it was a lifesaver not having the girls! thanks mom!

that evening we played outside with a little girl in the complex. i love that the girls are making friends.
then i took the girls with me to the church for an enrichment activity of learning to make sushi. it was so fun and super easy! and the rolls were scrumptious. we surprised kg at work with a roll as well.

7.8-justin and adam picked up spencer, kas and parker to come swimming. justin had to study so i had river inside with me for most of the time but flower joined them in the pool and had a ball for three hours!

at 6:00 sandee showed up with dinner for everyone. i was grateful for the help with the girls and not having to make dinner that night. the girls and i headed for a shaved ice after everyone left.
7.10-we went to patrick and mary catherine's house for dinner. they made chicken and potatoes. it was very good. we took strawberry shortcake for dessert. we also played two rounds of picturicka while flower watched alice in wonderland and river wreaked havoc on the apartment. it was so good to see them and catch up.
7.12-we went to pier 49 pizza with alan, lindy, cindy and steve. it was so fun to catch up. a little depressing hearing about some divorces. it just seems no one is lasting these days. but we had a great time chatting and watching the kids play.
7.16-i went and picked up spencer and kas so they could come swimming with kg and the girls. they all had a nice afternoon. that night we made our first homemade pizza using gluten free dough. not our favorite. we will continue the quest for a good gf crust.
7.17-i had to go to the bank for work so the girls and i did a bit of shopping/playing at fred meyer. every noise making toy i found i gave to the girls to play with and we were laughing so hard. i let them each pick one to take home. flower picked a horn for her bike and river picked a family of rubber ducks that squeak. both toys are equally obnoxious. and make me laugh.

then we got a shaved ice before getting back to work. carol took the girls swimming for the remainder of my work shift. she was so sweet and bought them each a pair of goggles.
flower loves them...
river? not so much.
7.18-i watched toy story and charlotte's web with flower while river napped. nice afternoon.
7.19-happy birthday lauren!
7.20-happy birthday justice!
7.21-silly girl likes to ride her big wheel with the handle bars backwards.
love her muscular back.
7.23-happy birthday journey!
7.23-river fell off the chair at the office and face planted it on the floor. she bit through her lip. poor baby.
this photo makes me laugh!
7.24-we went with goodsell's to their ward BBQ and then they came over to swim.
7.25-after church i introduced flower to the smurf's. she loved it! i fell asleep with river on my chest for two hours. very nice! then we watched toy story two. the girls were so sweet together laying on the floor.

now we are ready to see toy story three!
7.27-laura took all the grandkids to see toy story 3 in the afternoon. they loved it!
7.28-laura took all the grandkids to wahooz for the day. then the girls spent the night at her house. kg had to work so this was the first night i was alone at home since we got flower. it was so enjoyed!
7.29-laura took the grandkids to roaring springs for the day. the girls had such a great week with their cousins!
because the girls were gone kg and i enjoyed a lunch date at smash burger. it was our first time and we like it better than five guys.
that evening we went to pick the girls up from kg's parents. we had dinner and played phase ten with mom, james, sarah and erik. it was so fun to hang out and laugh with them.
river loves the doggies.
turns out she had a fever. that explains why she was so calm for them all day. ;)

sure love our family.
7.30-we had jensen family photos. can't wait to get them back! after that kg and i took the girls out to parma for a double feature at the drive in. we met up with the william's and martineau's and had such a great time. they spoiled us since it was last minute for us and we appreciated it!
we watched despicable me and the a team.
7.31-kg helped his brothers and dad put a sprinkler system in for his grandma. then he took the girls swimming before taking them back to grandma's for another sleep over! night for us!
although i love august, i'm kind of sad it's here already because that means summer is almost over. and flower goes to kindergarten soon. :( here's to making the most of the rest of our summer!


Shannon Lytle said...

I just have to say you are awesome! Your fun, all-inclusive blog is the reason I started blogging. I like the posts that detail the little things throughout the month. Lots of blogs only have special occasion posts, but you also take time to acknowledge the less significant happenings that make up the whole picture of your life. I'm impressed you keep a record of it all. I need to start doing that more. If I copy you, consider it a compliment! And thanks for the inspiration. Have a great rest of the week!

ang :o) said...

thanks shannon. it's the reason i blog too. and the blogs i like to read are the ones with the little details, good and bad. i don't read many blogs that only write about the holidays because it's kinda boring! i start the post at the beginning of the month and will throw stuff on it but mostly i just go through my calendar at the end of the month. i also go through my phone camera and regular camera to see if any photos didn't make it to the blog. i have a terrible memory so this helps. good luck. can't wait to read about your months!

Colleen said...

those banana bars look great can i get the recipe?

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