Saturday, October 23, 2010

at the farmstead::take two

on friday the 22nd we went to the farmstead again. spencer and kas were spending the night and we needed something fun to do. i found tickets for 50% off so it was set. i also invited kristen and cameron and we had a great time!
we shot the corn cannon again.
cam and spencer
it still scared river every time!
kas and flower
kristen and i went next and my corn made it into the pasture again and hit the side of a cow! it was awesome and everyone behind me was laughing and shouting about it. :)
the kids had a great time on the pillow again.

all the kids on the rocking chair
the slides were much more fun this time because the weight of the older kids made my girls go faster. all the kids loved it.

after the slides we enjoyed some dinner.
all the kids right before entering the corn maze. this time we completed it!

then the kids did the cow train.

after the train the kids all wanted to do the pillow again so i enjoyed some cotton candy while they jumped! yummy.
almost three hours of entertainment! it was a very fun night and the start to an amazing week of fun events! i'm so excited and can't wait. plus, kg has 12 days off! that always makes me happy. enjoy the rest of your october. i know we will.

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