Wednesday, October 6, 2010

potty training

our girl is potty trained! at 22 months. and it only took a couple of days. she is a total rock star! this is her thumbs up :) she can't quite figure it out. :) but doesn't she look adorable in underpants?!
it's been two weeks and at our house she's totally there. she puts herself on and then we hear her clapping for herself, then she runs out and says, "peepee potty!" and gives high fives. she refuses to use a little potty and will not use a stool for the big potty. it's adorable the way she scoots herself onto the big toilet. she wants to do it just like the rest of us and has no problems. she's had a couple of accidents in public because she just forgets. and we are still using the cloth diapers at night. i'm shocked that she potty trained before flower, who was also a star at 28 months, but i think watching flower all this time is what made it so easy for her. i'm in love with not having to wash diapers as often! way to go big girl!

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Jana said...

So happy for all of you!! She IS a rock star!!

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