Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Playing at the Farmstead

on monday the 4th we went to the farmstead! i love this time of year just for this stuff. and the fact that we've had excellent weather makes it better.

we enjoyed the petting zoo

every time river tried to touch the gate the cow would bang his head on it. he didn't want river anywhere near him!
have a corny time...

river wasn't sure what to think when the goat started eating her shirt.
the huge jumping pillow is always a big hit!

cutest farmers ever
mini hay mazeAlign Center
giant rocking chair


look how cool and laid back she is. i think she was unsure and a little nervous.
but she was excited!

and they both loved it and didn't want to get out!
we want in the mini corn maze.

and then the big maze, where we got all turned around and ended up back at the start! oh well, it was still fun.

river and i were trailing behind and she'd all of a sudden duck in a corn row and say, "hide daddy!(which means hide from daddy)" and sit down. she loves to hide from us. she would sit there with a huge grin on her face until flower and daddy came to find us.

we had to see how we measured up!
flower is 3' 6"
kg is 5' 11"
i am 5' 2" (but i had one inch shoes on)
river is 3' 2"
then we got to shoot corn cannons! this was awesome!

river was not impressed and got scared every time and would not push the button!
she's holding on to kg's shirt pretty tight.
Align Centeryou can see flower's corn in the air in this photo
my corn went beyond the cows!

we had so much fun watching the pig races.
flower got to participate
she was told to cheer on hammah montana(har har)
Align Centerand her pig won! she was awarded the pig nose.
but she wasn't as excited as we were. as the other two participants were receiving a piece of candy she said to me, "i wanted a piece of candy not a dumb pig nose!" nice :)
billy goats were running everywhere
we enjoyed a hayride

more petting zoo
she was trying to give the horse a kiss and was quite startled when the horse looked her right in the face. i laughed!

we shared a corn on the cob before calling it good.
a very very fun night indeed and a good beginning to our october!

ps-this little adventure wasn't the same without the goodsell's. yes we had fun but it just wasn't the same. i missed breaking all the rules and misbehaving in the corn maze. they are living in missouri. :( there are several things i'm going to miss during this holiday season. can't wait till they come back.


Amanda said...

Great pictures. Glad you guys had fun!

Jamie Link said...

I love the Farmstead! We went on Saturday and I am bummed to say that we didn't see the petting zoo. There were a lot more people though..and my camera battery was dead so I didn't get any pics. Darn it! But i really love this place! It was a blast.

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