Wednesday, October 13, 2010

hanging with the mullins

kg took this photo while i was at work and it makes me laugh
tuesday the 12th i was having such a crazy day at work when i got a call from stacy inviting us over for dinner and games that night. my first instinct was to say no for two reasons. it had been a crazy day and it was a new social situation in which i'm awkward in and that brings anxiety. :) but just the day before, for several reasons i told myself that the next person to call and invite us to do something, i would say yes, no matter who it was or what it was. i'm trying to get over my anxieties. i'm sure glad it was stacy! we've been wanting to get together with them for awhile but our schedules weren't jiving. we love spontaneity and they happened to catch us on kg's night off. i was excited.
it turned out to be an interesting night. they invited their friends and when the guy walked in he seemed familiar but that's not uncommon for me so i didn't mention it. a while later they were talking about wrestling and then it clicked. he works out at the same gym that we do. and then i started feeling bad and realized i misjudged him, and probably all the guys at the gym. i've never once said hi to him because they are intimidating to me. they know what they're doing and i don't right?! well they are not all meat heads that care only about working out! he has a beautiful wife and daughter with a baby on the way and is a really nice guy. well the very next day we saw him and now that we knew each other we both said hi and he was very nice. just another reminder that i shouldn't judge! :)
they also invited a new couple in our ward. i was gone the sunday they were introduced so when stacy said his name i asked if he was the artist. i have some of his work from when i lived at the idanha and his work was in the gallery downstairs! i was excited to meet him and his family. as it turns out, his dad has been my dentist since i was 4, and now his brother is, and i never put it together that they were all related! i love this stuff! so it was a good time.
after mingling we had the best lasagna we've ever had! the noodles weren't gluten free so i didn't have any but i tasted a tiny bit of the stuffing and couldn't believe how good it was. kg promptly got the recipe and will be making it gluten free this week! i can't wait.
later while we played a game the kids decorated cookies. they had a blast and made such a mess.
this picture is just luscious. i love her cheeks and lips!

see that white blob on the table? yep, that's frosting. there were piles of frosting all over the table!
and all over their hands!
but they were having fun and that's all that matters.

it was such a good night and i'm really glad we went. plus kg and i won the game! :) thanks stacy and vern.

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