Sunday, October 31, 2010


finally halloween day arrived! at 4:00 sandee, spencer and kas came over and we trick-or-treated to a few in the apartment complex. then we went to kris' house. she joined us for some treating on her street. i love that she comes with us! it started to rain on us which wasn't all bad....
we were delighted by this beautiful rainbow as we looked up the street
and then when we looked the other way we could see the rain pouring down in the sunshine.
really beautiful!
after that we went to harrison boulevard. we were a few blocks shy of going down the entire street and back up again. it was lots of fun. and thankfully the rain stopped!

evidence that rain had been there.

there was so many great decorations to see!

these pumpkins were awesome!

we had so much fun and the girls were total champs! we were out for about 4 hours.
here's the loot they worked so hard for over 4 days! way too much candy. yummy!
that is the end of our four day run of fun. we had such a wonderful weekend filled with halloween goodness!

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