Sunday, October 10, 2010

french fries and fro yo

saturday the 9th we went on a family date to get french fries and fro yo. our plan started with the frozen yogurt because we had a gift certificate to try out a new place called blue cow. but on the way we were passing by boise fry company so we pulled on in. we shared two different kinds of fries. kg got a burger and i got a salad and we shared those with the girls. my salad had the best pickled onions on top! yum.
yummy fries!
then we went to blue cow.
it was a fun experience for the girls. it's self serve.
we tried each flavor before deciding on what we wanted.
flower loved putting her own yogurt in her bowl. :)
i decided on mango tango with fresh raspberries. oh so delicious!

flower decided on irish mint with chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.
kg decided on cookies and cream with oreos and caramel sauce.
river finished off the tasting cups and we all shared with her and each other. it was such a fun, relaxed, enjoyable evening together.

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