Sunday, October 24, 2010

4th annual pumpkin carving!

on saturday the 23rd we went to jean and jack's for chili and pumpkin carving! kg made his chili this year to contribute. we look forward to it every year! i'm not sure how long it's been going on but we've gone for 4 years now. the food is always good and the company is better!
the girls really got into their pumpkins this year and did their best to clean theirs out.

river tasted it. :)

the triplets were there!
after a few minutes the rain started to pour so we moved
the party into the garage at mock speed!
flower drew her own design and then cut it out all by herself. she was so focused!

river wanted her hand traced so kg traced it and cut it out. it turned out so cute!

kg did some karate themed stuff on his pumpkin.

here's the pumpkin line up!
our pumpkins
kg's. mine. river's. flower's
i thought kris' was very clever. :)
as you can see, the sun graced us with it's presence once again and it was wonderful outside! the kids rode the scooters and tricycle and had such fun.

jerry, katie's husband, pulled out the orange spray paint from his construction truck and everyone had a ball decorating the road!

this is one of flower's :)

we met jean and jack's tortoise, bruno, for the first time. river loved him. :)

this is our 4th year going and the season just wouldn't be right without it. we really look forward to it and enjoy ourselves! i truly love and enjoy all the people that were there. i just felt so good after that i had warm fuzzies all night. i'm so grateful we are included in this fun night with such great people.


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Awwwww ERiver's is SO cute :D!

P.S. I made your baked lemon pasta again for dinner last night. YUMMMMMMM. This time I added some cubed chicken breast, which turned out well. I also used those sneaky whole wheat, high-fiber, high protein noodles. They taste weird to me normally, but the sauce is flavorful enough that I couldn't tell. Huzzah!

Loren and Tama said...

is that a sulcata tortoise? I had to show my boys. They are tortoise fanatics. Did you guys ever get your turtle? Great pictures! That was quite the pumpkin carving adventure!

ang :o) said...

megan, i make my pasta with gluten free noodles and it doesn't taste any different from the regular ones!

tama, i'm not sure what kind of tortoise it is. they've had it for 40 years! incredible. we did get our turtle. we're still not sure about it yet. we are on tank number two trying to get it right! :)

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