Monday, October 11, 2010

sunday was delightful

sunday the 10th i took the girls on a walk. it was beautiful outside and such a joy. they were being so sweet with one another. right at the beginning of our walk flower tripped and skinned her knees. river was so concerned and kept rubbing her back and trying to see her tears so she could wipe them. my heart was about to explode with the sweetness!
here she is knelt down next to flower trying to comfort her as flower cries about the 'blood'.
river patted flower's knee and wiped some gravel off.
and rubbed her back.

and hugged her. :)
and then they found some dandelions to blow and all was right with the world again. :)

this is one of my favorite things to watch them do.

we came upon a redbox so we rented the newest tinkerbell movie and karate kid. after that we saw lisa, lynnette's sister, walking home from work so she joined our walk.
we came upon a horse.

i LOVE this photo...
...and this one. love!

we stopped by the clubhouse so river could go potty. a tentant, audrey, was having a birthday party and invited us to have some food. the girls and i shared some wonderful kabobs and the girls shared a cupcake. then we headed home to watch a movie. by the time we got to the stairs river's pants were falling down and flower and i shouldn't stop laughing about her butt crack! :)
she kept trying to lift up her shirt to see the crack we were laughing at. so cute.
first we watched karate kid.
and then tinkerbell.
and then i tucked them into bed. lately river lays her baby down first and then requests that her blanket cover the two of them. super cute.
good night...sleep tight.


La belle mère said...

Aaaaah this whole thing is just such sweetness!! It's a good thing that parenthood offers us a few of those priceless moments to compensate for the rest of it, huh? :)

Jana said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos!! And your sweet girls .... my goodness. We're are lucky Mamas, the two of us!

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