Monday, August 15, 2011

35th Birthday bash!

on august 15th, for our 35th birthday, kg and i decided to throw ourselves a par-tay! it was so much fun! we held it at phillipi park. we rented a huge blow up slide and cotton candy machine. we had prizes. we had face painting! we had fun!

patrick.mary catherine. savannah.

justin made his yummy deviled eggs at my request! they were delicious!
we had people bring salads. kris and amanda o. won prizes for the best salads!
we also asked people to bring cupcakes.
they are so pretty!
several people were kind enough to let me borrow their cupcake stands!
this peace sign won a prize for coolest cupcakes. they were made by the goodsell's.

and these won a prize for being the cutest. they were made by shannon!
ashlyn. denny. denzil. jodi. tess.
sexy sam.
eric and cliff.
heather and lisa.
steven. carol. gordon.
bella and john.
ryan. amanda m. amanda o. alyse.
megan. erik. sicca.
doug and opal.

we had a candy guessing station.
there were three containers for the kids and three for the adults.
flower and lorelai.
carol and sandee.
isaac waiting in line for cotton candy.

amanda f. and daniel.

quinn and sara.
gregson. stacy. vern.
nora and river.
amanda f. and kris.
john was in charge of the cotton candy.


bobbi. dave. jenn.

i love that she was eating it like corn-on-the-cob.

amanda. roman. capri.
madelaine and kiri tied for winning the m&m's!
we took madelaine a bag at home since she'd already left.
erika won the starbursts!
royal won the suckers!
amanda f. won the hot tamales....except then we realized she went over so....
mary catherine was the real winner!
vern won the skittles!
lisa won the runts!

the birthday kids :)
the adults played pin the tail on the donkey.


amanda o. won pin the tail!

amanda f. brought out the face paints.

beautiful butterfly.
pretty butterfly.
arm candy. i totally want this as a tattoo!
hanna makes a cute puppy.
while kg was using the restroom, john moved the table in front of the door to block him in.
he got out. :)
we had such a wonderful night only to discover some of our friends got us really cool gifts!
the roger's gave us these fun brands of rootbeer.
sturgill's spoiled us this adorable baking pan...
the most beautiful plates i've ever seen!....
orange measuring spoons!...
and this super cool necklace!
i love it all!
the bahr's gave us this fun game that i look forward to playing!
and i picked out this throw pillow for myself with my $10 birthday credit at cost plus.
the girls gave me this neat clock.
this was the best party ever. we had so much fun. we had such a great turn out and are so grateful for our family and friends!

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