Monday, August 22, 2011

flower got glasses...and a haircut...and melting pot!

on august 22nd we all went in for eye exams. it had been two years and i knew i needed a new prescription. we all get free exams so i figured why not take the whole family.

river had fun trying on frames while flower had her exam.
we were surprised to find out that flower needed glasses. i was secretly excited. she looks darling in them!
that night we had a bbq at roger's house and she was so excited to show off her new spectacles.

she picked out such a cute pair! i love the turquoise and flowers.

the next day we went to carrita to get a hair cut so she'd be all prettied up for school. :)

she has gorgeous hair!

river loved helping clean up the hair.
i also got a hair cut.
we then went to melting pot for dinner, using a generous gift card that ryan and megan gifted us for our birthdays.

a wonderful day indeed.

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