Friday, August 12, 2011

august trip, day 2::logan

we went to logan for chelsea featherstone's wedding. i was so excited to go to the logan temple! when we arrived we checked into our hotel and went for a swim.

then we got ready and went to the temple.

bridesmaids::sierra, tracy and jenny! love these girls.
the bride and groom! so cute. the sealing was amazing and i'm so glad we went.
after that we took ruth's recommendation and went to firehouse pizza. it was pretty good but not the best i've had.

then we went to aggie's for some ice cream. that was delicious!
finally on to the reception.
kg was playing a memory game with flower. he'd open his hand for just a second to show her the candy and then she'd have to tell him the colors and how many. it was cute and she was good!

river throwing rocks.

and then we were fast asleep!
i haven't been to logan since 2005 so it was good to be back. i also loved going to the logan temple for the first time. it's really beautiful.

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