Thursday, August 18, 2011


kristen has been by bff since first grade. that's 29 years of having a best friend. that's a long time. she's family. i love her dearly. she makes me laugh like no one else can. being with her is always comfortable, like going home. the memories i have with her are overwhelming. she's in almost all of them! there's always been a natural ebb and flow to our relationship. times when we were together every second and times when weeks will go by but it always feels like no time has passed. in august i opened up to her and trusted her with some long time(more than half my life) struggles that i've had. she recommended an awesome therapist. after 15 years of trying various counselors to deal with some of these issues, i finally found someone to which i could open up. and through all of this she hasn't judged me. i wish i had told her sooner but perhaps i wasn't ready then and wouldn't have seen the c
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ounselor. Either way, i'm glad i have her as my bestie! on top of being a wonderful friend and sister, she's beautiful! :)
for my birthday she gifted me this sign.
i love it so much.
i will treasure it always. and i will treasure kristen always!

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lane family said...

Awwww! She looks so pretty. She hasn't changed much!

Let's kick it.

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