Sunday, August 14, 2011

august trip, day 4::craters of the moon

we said our good-byes in idaho falls. we had to stop by aunt peggy's to let the kids do the beloved tire swing. that swing has been there since i was a tiny kid.

aunt peggy and uncle bob. love these two!
then we continued with our idaho falls tradition of going the arco way home and eating at the pickle's place. turns out none of us were very hungry and they were busy so we took our traditional photos on the giant green rocking chair and then went on to craters of the moon.

i love this one! my dad with three of his granddaughters.

we all toured the craters museum and watched a movie that was pretty neat. then my parents including sandee and the kids went on their way and kg, me and the girls went on a short hike and drive through the craters.

finally we were on the road to home. once we arrived in mountain home we decided to enjoy another birthday meal at winger's. we were surprised to see my parents and sandee with the same idea and they were just leaving! :)

we enjoyed a nice dinner and better dessert before finally making it to boise. what a delicious way to end a wonderful trip!

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