Tuesday, August 30, 2011

first day of school!

all of our schedules changed on august 30.
last school year kg would get flower ready for school when he got home from work, then take her to school. he'd then pick flower up at noon. he'd also be with river and then flower till i got home for lunch at 2, then the girls would go to carols from 3-6pm.
this school year kg goes to bed as soon as he gets home from work and i get up and get the girls ready and take flower to school. river goes to carol's from 10-2pm and i pick her up during my lunch, leaving her with kg at 3, when he goes to pick up flower from school. me getting up earlier has been a hard adjustment but i'm loving the change. kg gets more sleep and i feel like we have more time together in the evenings. it's working well!
the girls picked out their 'back to school' outfits and were ready to go! we all drove flower together on the first day.

she is so beautiful!

i love my gorgeous girls! and i can't believe river still has 3 more years before kindergarten! yikes.

in her new class!
with her morning/english speaking teacher, ms. schmillen.

river saying good bye to her sissy.
we then dropped river off with carol and picked her up 4 hours later. they had a great time together.
at the end of the school day we all went to pick up flower together. we met her afternoon/chinese speaking teacher, mrs. parker.
river was so happy to have her sissy back.
we celebrated the first day by getting shaved ice.

the girls had to use the bathroom so we went over to freddies. love it when river gets her dress caught in her undies!

we had such a wonderful first day. i hope the rest of this year is just as great!

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