Thursday, August 11, 2011

august trip, day 1::lagoon

we went to lagoon with my parents, sandee and her kids. we decided to do the haunted mansion right when we got there. here's flower after:
that may not have been such a great idea. but she got over it fast and we had a fantastic day!

because of the haunted mansion, these three sat out for the terror ride. :)

these two had so much fun going on rides together!

the girls loved the tidal wave!

they were scared at first.
but as soon as we started going, it was all smiles!

i love these photos in motion.

Spencer, KG and I did the sky ride. it was awesome! sandee got some great shots!

love this one!

such a thrill. this was my second time going on the ride. the first time was probably 14 years ago with codi hulbert and michelle simmons! :)

spencer was such a good sport all day!

the ferris wheel was our last ride of the evening. i love this next photo and it is now printed on canvas in my family room. it's really beautiful and caught the essence of our time there.

i was so impressed with the rides the girls were doing. we were able to go on one 'grownup' ride that river was tall enough to do, the bat, and she loved it! it was so fun to be on a roller coaster together as a family. :) we had such a good time and were happy to be included in this fun day.

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