Thursday, August 25, 2011

the abc's of art in boise

at the end of kindergarten last year flower received a really cool little booklet that had a local art piece for every letter of the alphabet.

we intend to take the girls around and find each piece. august 25 was our first attempt. it was so fun to walk around and discover these things! we have such cool art in boise.
these chandeliers weren't part of it but i love them and took these photos while i waited for my clan to use the bathroom.

i also liked this tile
river has to stop and pet every dog we come across!
the book shows a picture and a location as follows:
we looked all over the grove for something that could be 'inside'.
it wasn't by the children playing with marbles.
we walked all over that grove and were so stumped and then finally flower found it! i was so proud of her and she was pretty happy with herself! the picture of that creature 'inside' was in that little log she's sitting on! i couldn't get a good photo of the inside. i don't know how she figured that out! way to go flower!
had to get some more photos of her super cool frames.
she is so cute!

the girls love this audio art. it didn't even make it into the book, along with the children playing marbles. we just have cool stuff to see(and hear) in boise!

this is an incredible piece of art with lots of history. i love looking at old homes.

new entrance to freak alley
we love that we found this sign in there!
we always have so much fun here.
the following 14 photos are my favorite new additions to freak alley. they added a mural section which i just think it so freaking cool! each one of these art pieces tell such a story and struck me in some way.

this next one really speaks to me.

he is made entirely of broken mirrors. rad.

because we spent so much time looking at all the new art if freak alley these are the only ones we got to in the book. i'm anxious for this spring when we can go explore again. it was truly a fun family evening!

p.s.-we searched high and low on this building for the quail to no avail. if someone knows where it is please point us in the right direction. :)

then we went to p.f. chang's compliments of a gift card from lynnette and tex given to me for my birthday!

finally we we ended the night with aspen leaf.

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