Saturday, April 28, 2007

Feel the burn!

Saturday we attended our first Boise Burn game. It's Boise's new indoor football team. We took 14 people with us and had a great time.
Flower was loving Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amanda that night so they got lots of lap time. She would copy everything Ryan did!

She also loved watching the cheerleaders and would copy their every move! It was so cute! My nephew was so cute sharing his ice cream with her and wiping her mouth after each bite with his napkin.
She made her way down the row, sampling everyone's as she went! She eventually convinced my mom to just give hers up! :) It warms my heart to see my family love on her! We had such a great time. Oh...and our team won! :-D

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sara :) said...

Flower is so cute! I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Your little fabric projects are also looking very nice as well.

Thanks for coming to the park tonight and watching my girls throw a fit. That was fun... :)

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