Sunday, April 1, 2007


It's a little unsettling when a restaurant smells like sewage! We met Scot and Val at Ichiban last night. While eating we kept smelling sewage. The kids being with us, we of course all repeatedly sniffed them to make sure they didn't need a diaper change. I was disgusted to discover, when we got up to leave after our meal, that the smell was coming from the bathrooms just around the corner from our table. I headed for the cashier to make a suggestion that they go check the bathrooms to see if they have a clogged toilet. When we left we walked out a different way then we came in, passing the kitchen, sushi counter and through their large banquet type area. I was even more disgusted to discover that all of these areas reeked and the smell coming from the bathrooms closest to that area, which share an opening with the kitchen, was truly nauseating! Ack! Val then said they smelt it when they came in but they didn't really think about it. Well I thought about it this morning when I was awakened with severe stomach cramps and the feeling that 'stuff' would be coming out both ends any second! If I get sick...Ichiban is mine!

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