Sunday, April 1, 2007

To be a kid again.

Here are a couple of my favorite photos of the week. Snot seems to play a reoccurring role!
What would it be like to have hair stuck to your face via snot glue and not even care?
Snot bubbles...yum! I've done the Walrus with the french fries a time or two!
Just two of the things I really looked forward to in parenting...cuddling up for a movie-Happy Feet in this particular photo and a child that would love to sit next to me and look at scrapbook magazines!
Good morning to us! Classic. Snot rockets after a sneeze are a regular occurrence for me in the mornings lately! This was KG's first and he had to get a photo! :o) This is her first 'homemade' chocolate chip cookie from me!
I love how kids have such a natural confidence. They don't care if that cookie will go straight to their bums!
Our first toenail painting together! Then laying back and letting it dry.
She really is just one of the coolest kids I know!


sara :) said...

Snot pictures! That' all we have at my house with Madeline. Mmmm.... Love the new pictures--especially the last 2. :)

s day said...

she is sooooo cute! thanks for your comments on my blog.... did you get my email?

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