Thursday, April 5, 2007

trapper keeper.

That just brings a smile to my face.
I was watching What Not to Wear this morning during breakfast and Clinton made me bust up. The gal on the show was super tiny, perhaps in her 40's. She came out of the dressing room wearing a gray jumper that looked like a potato sack. he said it made her look like a school girl and then turned to Stacy and said, with his shoulders raised to his ears in a giddy voice and wide eyes, "all she needs is a trapper keeper". I expected him to go skipping off the set at any moment! I lost it. Love that show. miss Trapper Keepers. while i'm at it i miss the after school specials too. i miss smurfs. their mushroom houses are my favorite. i just realized i think that is where my fascination with mushrooms began.
fa la la la la la la la la la la la!
i miss inspector gadget.

go go gadget arms!


sara :) said...

I LOVE What Not To Wear. Clinton is so awesome. And I had a Trapper Keeper in grade school.

I'll tell you what I miss: Real Saturday morning cartoons! Actual cartoons--not that stupid crap they have on now.

OK vent over. :)

ang :o) said...

yes! saturday morning cartoons suck now! smurfs and woody wood pecker were my favorite to watch every saturday morning. inspector gadget and he-man were my before school shows!

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