Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flower's first dye.

Friday night my brother and his wife went out of town so KG
and I stayed the night with the kids. KG went gaming at John's
so I had a little party of my own. I invited Sandee and her two kids
and my friend Kristen and her son Cameron over to dye eggs!

Flower wanted so badly to be part of the big girls conversation!
When I get together with Kristen and Sandee there is big fun
and laughs to be had! :) This night did not disappoint! Flower kept
mimicking our laughs which would only make us laugh that much more!

Flower had a ball! She thought the dye was pretty great!

We were all impressed that with that many kids, only one cup of dye was
spilled! Yay.

I think all the kids had a really great time! I know we ladies did!

After a crazy week, this Friday night fun was a much needed break!

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