Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Give me a B, Give me an I, Give me an R...

Ok that will take too long! Give me a T-H-D-A-Y! What's that spell? BIRTHDAY! So today was Flower's Birthday and it pretty much rocked my, er, Flower's socks off! ;) Yes, she is two years old today! We spent the entire day in our jammies. I also didn't work. :o) She slept till 10, giving me an hour and a half of computer play time before she woke up happy as can be. She awoke to tons of balloons strewn about by KG the night before. He went above and beyond my request of a few balloons thrown around. He actually made balloon creatures! There were flowers, giraffes and dogs a plenty. He even put miniature chocolate in two of the balloons. She popped them with a pin to get to the chocolate. He also used balloons as wrapping paper taping blown up balloons to her little gift. So clever! She helped me make pancakes and we ate together on a blanket on the floor. She got to do her own syrup and everything. During her nap I got to enjoy an hour bath and reading. At five KG woke so I got ready and then Flower got to enjoy a bath.Once we were all ready we took some 2nd birthday family photos and then went to dinner. We took her to Joe's Crab Shack, but only after discovering a flat tire. We think someone must have deflated it. Thanks to KG's dad for giving us a portable compressor, it was inflated quickly and we were on our way. Joe's is an obnoxious place and she had a blast!

They put a huge hat on her head and beads around her neck and the entire restaurant sang 'happy birthday'.
Then came the chocolate cake. It's huge! She didn't waste anytime digging in. We also got her a t-shirt. The one I really wanted to get her is tye dye and says Peace, Love and Crabs. It was not available in her size so we settled on another tye dye number that says 'My First Joe's Crab Shack T-Shirt'. Not nearly as fun but she looks cute none the less.
After that we went to the home of a family in Meridian who have a business called Hand Made Memories. Our friends, Jenn and Cliff, gave us a gift certificate for the baby shower to get Flower's hand mold. We decided on a family one instead. We chose to get all of our hands holding an iron rod. We got a name plate that will state, Jensen Family 2007--"Hold ON!"(name that song reference--sara you should get this!). It will take about 4 weeks to get it back. They were a neat family and it went well. We then made a stop at Joanne Fabric. I spoiled myself with some fabric and sewing purchases. A girl needs supplies to truly be a sewist! Now Flower is sleeping away and I am enjoying Gilmore Girls with KG as I type this. What a perfect day! :o)

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sara :) said...

Happy Birthday, Flower! You are such a doll. It sounds like you all had a great time.

We'll be at the park for soccer tonight if you feel like dropping by.


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