Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why did you get your wedding ring tattoo'd on?

I receive that question a lot and this photo explains it all.
NO, that's not a red ring on my index finger. That is what happens when I wear rings or earrings. I finally had to stop wearing earrings a few years ago so KG surprised with diamond earrings that had platinum posts for Valentine's Day in 2005. Those suckers were pricey enough and have not left my ears since! There is no way we could afford a platinum ring! A tattoo was much cheaper! I have several cute rings that I just can't wear. I guess I was just hoping my body would give me break! It's such a cute ring. A mood ring no less. Everyone knows I needed that on lately. That photo is looking pretty damn good too. That's after having the ring was off for a week! I only wore it for a week! It's on the mend. Just days before it was scaly and peeling. Nasty! Such fun. Oh and it hurts like hell too! It feels like a chemical burn!

Part two to this story. I went to the Doc yesterday for an unrelated reason...more on that in a minute. While I was there however, he asked why my finger was red. I explained and then he informed me, based on a few things I had told him, like I had a headache everyday last week and when I turned my arm over, palm up, it felt as though my arm was going to snap, that i had given myself blood poisoning. That's when I realized that the headaches did in deed stop a couple days after I took the ring off, as did the arm pain. He said it could have been much more serious had I not taken it off when i did. Lovely. All in the name of wearing a cute ring.

Anyway, I *heart* Dr. Loveland! He made me feel so much better about everything! He validated my feelings and really made me understand that I shouldn't be ashamed of not being able to feel happy. In November I started thinking my ADD medication wasn't working anymore. I was becoming very forgetful again, getting frustrated easily at little things and thought the meds were giving me migraines. I also had emotions that wouldn't quit! We all agreed to wait until after the adoption was completed and Flower was home for a bit because all of those things could have been caused by the adoption. Well, it's been almost 3 months since she came home and things are just getting worse. Although now depression is in the mix because I just can't keep things together. Having her home made it that much more obvious that is wasn't working because she is such a good kid and at times I should be feeling so much joy, I'd feel numb. That would make me depressed and so the cycle goes. I have been afraid to change the meds though because changing them always makes me gain no less then 20 pounds in a month. Yikes. My doc is brilliant, however, and decided to just keep things simple and add a medication to the one I'm already taking and not rock the boat too much. If this works, then we can visit the idea of phasing the other one out slowly. I have to go back in 30 days so hopefully by then I will begin to feel like my old self again. Having irrational responses to almost every situation was beginning to make me feel like a psycho! Yay for good doctors. He told me everything I needed to hear and I felt so good when I walked out of there yesterday! :)
I am also more then grateful for KG who always acts like I'm normal and makes me feel so good when I'm at my worst. I am a lucky gal! :o)


sara :) said...

That is so good to hear! I'm glad you have such a great doctor who will not only help you feel better but will LISTEN. That is important.

Let me know if you need anything.

And how freaky is that about the blood poisoning?!? Glad that mystery is figured out as well! :)

Gail said...

Hi, I have been following the Chinese Starfish blog for over a year- that's how I know Flower- she's adorable- Happy B-day Flower!
I read your last Post. Have you ever heard of PMDD? It hits women as they approach thier thirties with symptoms like yours. E-mail me if you'd like more info;

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