Friday, April 27, 2007

Sew crafty.

Sew far I am having sew much fun with my machine. Most people know that one of my favorite articles of clothing is hooded sweatshirts. However, I don't like mine to look like anyone else's. For years I have adorned mine with band patches. That is getting tired. So, I embellished my latest two hoodies with some fabric. I love the designs I created for both! The sewing skills need work but I will wear them with pride! :o)
I also made Flower a dress. I am sew proud of it! It's officially my first piece and I think it turned out pretty damn cute! She looked adorable.
I can hardly wait till the fabric I ordered online arrive so I can make some more.

My next project was a skirt for me.
It had six panels and I loved every fabric choice! I still need to perfect the pattern a bit but I was able to wear it and have another to sell.
I think I'm going to like this new craft!

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