Saturday, June 27, 2009

Say it isn't so!

Our little lady is pulling herself up onto everything and walking around the perimeter of the sofa. That also means she's falling a lot. She's only 7 months. We are not ready for this. She also just started crawling last week! Give us a break here child! She gets very frustrated when she can't pull herself up right away or on the first try. Her hand slips or her legs don't cooperate. Then she cries. She has been so fussy the last two days since she discovered this new form of transportation because she just wants to be able to run and it's taking a bit more effort then she'd like! She doesn't like to be in her exersaucer now because, although she's standing, she's not going anywhere. Ugh. She also isn't super steady, obviously, but that doesn't stop her. She'll walk herself in front of something on the sofa and then grab it with both hands, which means she isn't holding on the sofa anymore and back she falls. Wow that makes her mad. Plus I'm sure hitting her head of the floor doesn't feel that great. And it now happens repeatedly. I think we need to invest in a helmet because there is no stopping this girl. She is getting better at catcher herself or correcting her balance. It's amazing how quickly she catches on. She climbs in her car seat, or falls face first because it's not a stable object, and then gets stuck and screams.
Our days of sitting comfortably on the sofa with our laptops are numbered. She walked from where the little blond head of hair is to the left, along the ottoman and finally to me on the sofa and grabbed my scream and yanked on it, just about breaking it away from it's keyboard, and then proceeded to suck on it. Yum. Love her pointed little lip though. :) This scene definitely made me laugh!
This has now been a reoccurring seen. It's hardly worth using it when she's awake. But hey, maybe that's a good thing! It's just crazy how fast she's developing. I want a baby for a lot longer then she's willing to be one. She is so curious, bold, adventurous and busy! We have a long road ahead of keeping her safe I can guarantee you that. I'm tired just thinking about it. And that doesn't take much for me these days. Exhaustion is quickly setting in. Slow down little one...slow down.


Sandee said...

She is so innocent! LOL - Ever cute picture.

Gorge Us Family said...

Sorry to say, I don't think she's going to slow down for you much. Hope naptimes are good at your house, they aren't great at ours.

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